LED warning light orange 12-24V, 18W LED

  • LED warning light orange 12-24V, 18W LED

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  • LITLEDA Certified LED warning light orange  - 453706105  

    Item description: 
    • Voltage: 12-24V 
    • LED Quantity: 6x3W
    • Color: Orange 
    • Flash Patterns: 4 Flash 
    • Operating temperature: -40°C - +65°C  
    • Dimentions: 119x32x13 mm
    • IP rating: IP67
    • Mounting: with screws
    • EMC: Electromagnetic compatibility 
    • Certifications: ECE R10, EMC, CE 

    Benefits and Features: 

    • E marking - complies with European standards ECE R10.  
    • Wide voltage range, the lamp can be connected to both 12V and 24V.
    • A special EMC filter that suppresses electromagnetic interference, does not interfere with radio waves, light control modules, GPS systems, and so on. 
    • Durable polycarbonate lens, UV resistant. 
    • The warning light has 5 wires of different colors - red, black, yellow, white, green.
      Red connects to VDC "+" plus.
      Black joins "-" minus.
      Yellow - Function switching.
      White wire is used to connect, control and synchronize more than one beacon (the beacons are connected together with white wires).
      Green is for switching between day and night mode.  

    Applications: construction and agricultural machinery, off-road machinery, heavy machinery vehicles and other special transport.   

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