About us

  • UAB JUBANA is a manufacturer of starters and alternators in the Baltic countries and one of the leading companies in the production and supply of spare parts for agricultural machinery in Lithuania and the Baltic region.

    The main directions of JUBANA's activities:

    - Production of reduction starters "JOB's" and "JUBANA";
    - Production of "JUBANA" alternators;
    - Production of fuel equipment "KA";
    - Production, supply and sales of spare parts for agricultural machinery of CIS countries, European and global manufacturers;
    - Wholesale and retail trade with all countries of the world.

    JUBANA is known for its innovations, high quality of manufactured products, strong marketing system and focused on customer requirements and requests.
    UAB JUBANA annually exports to more than 50 countries of the world, such as: Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Latvia, Bulgaria, Estonia, Moldova, Hungary, Ireland, Chile, Netherlands, Great Britain, Germany, Greece, Bolivia, Spain, etc.

    JUBANA supplies its products to various countries of the world directly to customers or through commercial agencies, and after using its production, supply and sales networks, offers to customers and partners high-quality and fast services.

    in 2014 at the end of the summer, a new automated assembly line for starters was installed, adjusted and launched. This line meets all current technological, technical, control and safety requirements, ensures high and long-term product quality and reliability.   

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