LED BAR lights

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    LED BAR lights online 

    LED BAR lights are special LED light strips that are made up of individual light-emitting LEDs and are used as an additional light source. These lights are mounted on the front of the car or on the roof. LED BAR lights are a great choice for people who drive a lot in non-urban (unlit) areas. 

    The installation of additional LED BAR lights in tansport vehicles will greatly increase visibility on the road, which will allow you to navigate safely in the dark, avoiding obstacles that unexpectedly appear on the road. In the Jubana.lt online store you will find a wide selection of both spot and combined beam BAR lights. And if you need help searching for goods - we will be happy to help! 


    Advantages of LED BAR lights 

    BAR lights are popular for a number of reasons, including the fact that these lights feature a focused light that is focused on a single point in the distance (spot beam lights) or a purposefully diffused light source (flood beam lights) that helps better illuminate nearby surroundings.

    If we talk about economy, LED BAR lights emit a lot of light with low energy consumption, due to this economic feature, easy installation, resistance to the effects of water, dust, vibrations and impacts from external objects, they are especially popular when used as additional lighting in cars, trucks or other specific vehicles.

    These lights are also chosen for their efficiency. If one LED is damaged, the other LEDs in the strip will continue to light - they are independent of each other. Although the price of certified LED BAR with EMC filter is high compared to other light sources, their service life is significantly longer. Thus, the initial cost of the LED light bar pays for itself quickly, as less money is spent on its operation and maintenance, and less stress is placed on the vehicle's electronic systems.


    What technical specifications are important to pay attention to when choosing LED BAR lights? 

    When choosing light bars for your vehicle, it is important to pay attention to the size, shape, lighting angle, installation type, power and LED quantity of the lights. For example, agricultural, construction or other heavy equipment vehicles usually use larger and more powerful lights (with dual LED strip lights) to provide the vehicle with maximum illumination during the dark hours of the day. We invite you to invest in reliable LED lights now! In the Jubana.lt store you will find both certified and cheaper non-certified BAR lights. We are constantly adding to the assortment of LED lamps. Therefore, you will definitely find what you are looking for! 

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