LED tail light 12/24V; tail, direction indicator (right), brake lamp

  • LED tail light 12/24V; tail, direction indicator (right), brake lamp

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  • LITLEDA LED tail light (left) 12-24V; tail, direction indicator (right), brake lamp - 453707017

    Has a removable cover that protects the wires from the environment impact, dirrection indicator is dynamic. The lamp lens and lamp housing are made of high quality plastic, resistant to scratches, temperature changes and UV.
    Has all the required E markings.   
    Item description: 
    • Voltage: 12-24V
    • Operating temperature: -40 - 60°C 
    • Functions: tail, dirrection indicator (right), brake lamp
    • Dimensions: Ø139 x 32,7 mm   
    • IP rating: IP67
    • EMC: Electromagnetic compatibility
    • Certifications: CE, RoHS, ECE R7, ECE R6, ECE R10 EMC    

    Benefits and features: 

    • Wide voltage range, the lamp can be connected to both 12V and 24V. 
    • A special EMC filter that suppresses electromagnetic interference, does not interfere with radio waves, light control modules, GPS systems, and so on.
    • Each LED is independent - if one fails, the others are still lit.
    • Resistant to water, dust, vibration and weather impact. 

    Applications: for car trailers, construction and agricultural machinery, off-road machinery, heavy machinery vehicles and other special transport.   

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